Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A modern day fairytale in today's economic crisis.

Meet Jeff Pfaff. Jeff is a pharmacist.

Jeff runs "Jeff Pfaff's Family Pharmacy" in French's Forrest.

Meet Jeff Pfaff's wife - Phoebe Pfieffer-Pfaff.

Meet Jeff Pfaff and Phoebe Pfiffer-Pfaff's fabulous children;

First there's Fifi Pfieffer-Pfaff.

At fifteen Fifi just loves fashion, and food.

Then there's her older brother - Felix Pfieffer-Pfaff;

Felix likes to flex the Pfieffer-Pfaff muscles down at the fitness centre. Everyone thinks Felix Pfieffer-Pfaff is more fond of the fellas than the females.

And finally, meet Tiffany Pfieffer-Pfaff (she's a little bit slow)

Tiffany in known for flinging faeces at passer-bys. She is locked in the cellar

They had a wonderful life frolicking about the Pfieffer-Pfaff family home, and playing with all the fluffy Pfieffer-Pfaff pets. That was until the fucking economy tanked and their father sold them all for medical experiments.



Anonymous said...

I. Don't. Get. It.

The Mutant said...

Phwoar - I tell you what, if Felix Pfieffer-Pfaff is being flogged off for a few Francs then I feel it may be feasable to fuck the fine young fop into friday of next fortnight!

Or something like that.

Anonymous said...

You are fucked in your fucking fuck ugly faggotty face.


Love, mum

Gabriel said...

that was very funny. i was so drawn into it...

Anonymous said...

Pfieffing hell that made me laugh!!!

simple simon said...

Flinging faeces at people is my favourite pasttime too.

Victor said...

Phabuolus Phamily Photos.

Ben said...

I'm surprised none of you have mentioned some "furious felching" yet