Thursday, January 22, 2009

Shameless name dropping...

By virtue of two different, but sometimes equally as crappy hospitality jobs I managed to meet quite a few celebrities during my ten years in Toowoomba.

I did a heap of work for the Empire Theatre as a Front of House Manager, where I got to see a lot of great plays and performances. Some of the minor celebrities I got to meet there include;

Marcia Hines - I offered her a slice of chocolate cake at an after show function, but she refused and gave me a hug "Oh Honey, I'm on a diet". This when she was still rather "hippy" and many years before Australian Idol.

Dionne Warwick - had the most ridiculous rider I have ever seen (you know all things they demand be backstage for them). The most extravagant part was the 7 bottles of Cristal Campaign, all of which were to be opened 2 minutes prior to the end of the show. I think I threw out 6 and a half bottles.

Tim Freedman - the Whitlams front man is without a doubt the nicest man in showbiz. The stupid theatre booked them to perform during a uni mid-semester break, so it was no where near a sell out performance, but Mr Freedman came out into the foyer after the show and posed for photo after photo with all the fans who queued up to see him. A genuinely nice and happy guy.

Bruce Samazan and Melissa Tkautz - I had to escort them through the theatre in their underwear for a play they were in. Melissa has one of the finest bodies I have ever seen on a man or a woman. Seriously hot that woman. Samazan was nothing to get excited over.

Natural? I mean her hair colour, not what you're thinking about...

My last job in the T-Bar was as F&B Manager for the only hotel with a lift (woo hoo - 6 stories tall baby) so it was easily the classiest joint in town. All the celebs stayed there when they were performing;

Anthony Warlow - I had to fix his toilet when it wouldn't flush. He might have done a poo too, but I didn;t want to check (does that make it a phantom poo?). Then I had restaurant guests steal his cutlery and wine glass from the table before we could clear it.

Tania Kernaghan - the country singer (allegedly) got drunk on Lemon Ruski's and dropped her room key in the toilet in the casual bar. After fishing it out of the bowl, I chucked the room key in the bin.

Antonio Sabato Jr - couldn't get his Internet to work and I spent about half an hour in his shirtless presence trying to get it to connect. Tipped me $50. (Sadly - when I try to tell this story, most people have no idea who I'm talking about!)

Seriously, how could you forget about this man?

Kimberly Davies - the former neighbours starlet was in town shooting a move with Mr Sabato Jr. She was much shorter in person, but still rather friendly. No tips.

Hi Five - the blond one sat on the pokies and smoke and drank all night, while the Nathan was up in bed wearing his flannelet PJ's when I took him his extra blanket at 8:30pm.

Magic Dirt - Adalita and the band were in the afternoon they performed with Powder Finger - They sat in the casual bar and drank quite a lot of beer and put some great songs on the jukebox. All nice guys really.

There are many more (Jimmy Barnes's security guy tried to man handle me for no good reason, John Farnham accidentally spat on me, I almost hit Jane Hall in the head with a champagne cork etc).

So tell me, have you met anyone famous? I'll marry anyone that tells me they've met Zeke Kinski.



Greg said...

I wish I could tell you I met Zeke (Matthew) but sadly he wasn't on the set the day I was. So is he really dead, or are they just messing with us???

Andy Man said...

I was saw Angelina Jollie in a paddock. Oh wait, that was a dead, maggot ridden cow.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they're messing with us. Zeke will be back, or I'll kill myself. OK, that was an exaggeration, I won't kill myself. But he gets hotter looking every year as he grows toward adulthood.

Ben said...

Greg - Zeke will return - a month or so after he goes missing, he magically stumbles out of the bush to live another day!

Andy - I can see how you would mix the wo up. I hate her lips so much.

Jecky - He was a dorky looking kid but now he's growing into his gangly body. I have heard a rumour that Zeke will be joining the gay team this year....

Clairebear said...

Have I met anyone famous? while working at the airport i met a few.

The Qld reds(had no idea who they were until my friend told me, then embarrassed him by asking them if it was true lol,
Rove mcmanus and tamson whatshername (rove almost ran me over trying to get away from photogs),
Chopper reid,
the dude with the hat from sytycd,
Bryan Mcfadden (this was my fave one. I LOVE him. Had a smoke with him and helped him find his gate.)I saw Delta, but didnt speak to her.

more obscurely, remember the talent show mark holden was on a few years back? not idol, the other one...cant remember the name right now...but the guys who won that, "random", i sang at kareoke with them a week before the show went to air, and one of my friends was dating one of them *shrugs*
And Husny Galib from Idol 07 worked at a club in melbourne i used to go to all the time, chatted with him at every show.