Monday, December 1, 2008

All I need is shoulder pads and a mullet

I'm the first to admit I'm a bit fussy with my music. If I don't like your choice of song, I'll gladly let you know that it makes me want to vomit.

So it was some shock that I learnt the radio station had been changed in my office while I had been working out of different campuses all last week. My favourite Nova was replaced with Triple M.

How very dare you!

But seeing as my boss had chosen the station and I'm trying to get another contract extension, I thought I'd give it a try. So these are the last 10 songs I have had to endure;

  1. Ice House - Electric Blue
  2. Pete Murray - some boring whiny crap that he released years ago
  3. AC/DC - the new heap of shit that happens to sound like every other song they've ever released
  4. The Knack - My Sharrona
  5. Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Relax
  6. Nickleback - The paddle pop lion spewing up some tripe again
  7. Rod Stewart - Maggie
  8. Cold Chisel - Kae Sahn
  9. Katy Perry - Hot and Cold
  10. Diesel - Crying Shame
That, ladies and gentleman, is the play list from a typical bogan wedding. They've chucked in Katy Perry to seem cutting edge, and Frankie Goes to Hollywood? Don't they realise it's a gay anthem and as such doesn't suit their demographic at all?

The damn DJ's are caught in a time warp too. All deep-voiced men that are probably sporting really bad moustaches, but have never heard of Movember, and waiting to announce an non-stop block of 80's rock.

Fuck the contract - as soon as the boss goes to lunch, I'm changing station.


Kezza said...

Thank god i have an office to myself, and an online playlist so that I don't have to endure shit radio, nor anyone elses taste in music.

Anonymous said...

My ears are hurting just from reading that list.

Andy Man said...

I can imagine you with a mullet flowing luxuriously down your back, while the top remains thin and closely cropped.

I'd call it a typical Woodridge look!

Dead sexy. grrrrr

unique_stephen said...


I could only listen to The Knack - My Sharrona if it was to see Winona Ryder nude jelly wrestle Molly Ringwald.

phishez said...

You must have had such a riveting day to write down the last few songs they played.

Maybe invest in an ipod?

Ben said...

Kezza - I'm in the office by myself most days, but sometimes I have to be a good boy and play nice. Then I get stuck with that shit.

Jen - I'm sorry. Have a lollipop.

Andy - I did sport a mullet at the age of 10 through 12. Ipswich bogan.

Stephen - I'd like to see that too. In fact I'd love to see it.

Phishez - Sometimes you just have to put down the pen and let the rage flow through you. Sometimes you just want to punch people.

Josh said...

Oh dear, what a mind-melting playlist. You're probably right about the Frankie Goes to Hollywood track... and I'd say they most definitely have not seen the music video.