Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Welcome to hell.

Life is shit.

Housemate hates my guts. That's fine, can't stand the sight of her right now either.

Landlord not renewing lease, so have to move house by 4th Jan. It's hard finding rentals that will take a dog. Expecting WWIII to erupt over cleaning and other costs as we move out.

It looks like I've been dumped. Well he's not returning calls or responding to messages.

Construction on my Enrolments Project 1 has finally started (3 months late) but staff members are calling me constantly to complain about things. How can you tell what it's going to look like after two days of work?

Got completely slaughtered in a staff forum over my Enrolment Project 2. Had a teacher call me a "fat fuck" in front of about 80 people. Nice.

HR project deadline bought forward two weeks to this Friday.

Reflux has returned with a vengeance, and my numbness is back to make life hell (left arm goes numb, can't move it properly).

But there is some good news... I've lost a kilo already this week. My appetite is gone, and I'm exercising like a fiend.

Enough bitching... back to HR reports.


Kezza said...

Err, the leaving of a shared renatal property is never a fun experience so I can sympathise with you there, I can also sympathise with the fact that most people you work with are just fucking stupid and should all fuck off and die.

Sigh, fancy a drink after work?

the projectivist said...

Life does sound a tiny bit shit! what with the prospect of moving, nightmare housemates and bastard teachers (a pox on that teacher!) and partners not returning messages and calls.

Geeze, talk about all-at-once!

But maybe you're going through some kind of cosmic psychedelic happy moon cycle of change?

unique_stephen said...

I'm just wondering about the fat fuck comment.

What would your preferd comeback be...

Uzi or AK47 ?

Ms Smack said...

oh honey, that does sound like a crappy crappy time.

That teacher saying that to you is beyond appalling.... can you complain or something?

Seriously. This week of crap for you annoys the crap out of me.

I want to beat someone up for you!

Gabriel said...

omg, how rude. did you tell him/her that its better than looking like a pedophile?

phishez said...

Hey Ben. Breathe. Take it one stupid, fucked up problem at a time.

Anonymous said...

You need a nice long slow pasionate fuck

Ben said...

Teacher got his arsed kicked (well written warning - which as steep as we go). Thank god the Institute Director was there with me and she took over. She is a real ball tearer too.

I can make things worse for him by instigating a grievance, but anyone who works in public sector knows that will be a long drawn out process that will involve a lot more work on my behalf, for no real outcome for him.

I did have quite a few people come up and apologise to me - it was a massive line for him to cross and they all know it.

I got some praise from the Director though. Apparently I handled it with aplomb - I thought my head was going to explode.

I'm taking Tom and Kezza's advice - tomorrow night I am going to get drunk and attempt to pick up and forget my worries.

Ms Smack said...


Want me to spam his mail box with BDSM animal sex?

La Femme said...

That sounds like a shit of a week. Hope things are looking up for you now.

friend of the housemate said...
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Josh said...

Aww, all that does sound rather shitty. When it rains, it pours... Good luck getting these various and sundry clusterfucks appropriately resolved.