Thursday, December 4, 2008

Can I ask you a question?

There's a man that gets on my bus at Chermside every morning, and gets off at my campus, so he's obviously a student.

He is of Asian decent, so he is probably doing one of our migrant education programs. He speaks little English, but is polite and always smiles. He always wears a cap, and always waits for everyone to get on the bus before he boards.

He has no hands.

I want to know his story. Not just the macabre aspect of it - were they chopped off by militia in his war torn country? Was it an industrial accident? Was he born that way? But I want to know where he is from, how he came to be in Australia, how he copes without those limbs.

But I don't want to seem like some sort of slack-jawed yokel, who points and stares and asks the same questions he has been living with most of his life.


unique_stephen said...

Put on a bad American accent so if he takes it badly the sepos get the blame.

Kezza said...

Hmmm, interesting problem. I'm sure I'd be wildly curious too, however I don't think I could ever be brash enough to ask. Maybe you could just strike up an innocent conversation with him one day, befriend him and eventually he might tell you all about it.

Andy Man said...

How does he go to the toilet? How does he put on a condom? How does pull up his pants? How?

Ms Smack said...

Andy has raised some very important questions!

I'd want to know too! Unless he can bend over and use his teeth.... or... he has a helper?

We need to know, but how?

Have to be careful to not sound condescending... maybe when he's not around, you could ask the bus driver? He might know if he's a regular.

Or, um.... 'is there anything I can help you with?'

beats me but keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

lol i think you should take a pic so we can all appreciate this mystery:)

Ms Smack said...

I agree with Tom Gaylord!

Josh said...

I bet he has sweet cybernetic appendages he puts on at home that have like... claws and spikes and shit on them. He's probably not allowed to wear them in public since they're considered deadly weapons.