Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I don't do Divas

Taste in music is a very personal thing. I'm sure people listen to my choice of music at parties and think "What the hell is this?". Especially when "Wannbe" by the Spice Girls pops up on the random play list (at least it's not the fucking Venga Boys, hey Kat?).

In recent months I've really gotten back into my high school play lists... loving Bush,Rage Against the Machine, Radio Head etc. The Classics. Pretty much anything loud and screamy that makes me want to work out harder at the gym. But then again I also like the Ministry of Sound mixes and anything with a good beat.

So your choice in music is your choice - I don't judge. Well most of the time.

The problem is I just don't seem to have a very "gay" taste in music. I just don't get how most of the gays seem to love their "Diva's", or pop princesses or just the freaking camp stuff that they play at the gay bars. Brittney, Celine, Kylie, Mariah etc etc etc. In fact it appalls me when I hear/read some of the favourites listed under music on people's profiles.

Case in point - I went on a blind date a few weeks ago, and it was all going along quite nicely. Good conversation about lots of different things. Work. Family. Leisure activities. Then we get to music. "So what's top on your iPod play lists?" I ask.

"Celine is getting the most play right now," (I'm sure beer came out my nose), "and Whitney gets up there a bit too."

I stumbled, paused and managed to recover. "Really? I'm more into Nine Inch Nails, Bush - a bit louder and faster."

The response - "Who?"

Needless to say, there was no second date.

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