Monday, July 14, 2008

Racist Gay Guys... WTF?

MSN messenger is a strange beast. It seems to be the primary way for a lot of gay guys to communicate and get to know each other before they actually meet face to face.

But the sense of anonymity it gives also allows guys to "speak freely" and say things they wouldn't say in a normal face to face conversation. And I'm not just talking about things like "I've got 7 inches for you baby" or "I'll take a dump on your chest and tell you I love you".

Case in point - chatting with an old friend's boyfriend on line last week and I mentioned the TV show Dexter and how I thought Erik King was the hottest thing on screen. His response "Ewww... you'd do a black man? That's gross!"

I was a little bit puzzled by the response. The man has some seriously hot arms going on and his character has the surly hot thing going down very nicely. I wouldn't say no (but then again when do I say no?).

I must have taken longer to respond than usual, because the next thing that appeared in my messenger window was, "Not that I'm racist or anything."

And this has got me thinking... does racism really come into play when you are talking about sexual preferences?

In the corporate world you can't discount a potential employee or customer simply because of their nationality. I couldn't not hire a guy or girl simply because they happened to be of Korean descent.

But you aren't going to be working with a potential pick up (well there potentially will be some sweating). Still I can't understand saying "no" to an entire race of people.

I see on a lot of gaydar profiles "No Asians or Indians thanks - you just don't do it for me". That's fairly blunt and rules out quite a lot of fine looking men. There is the common perception that Asian men aren't as competitive in the downstairs department - but I've found that to not always be the case.

Sure, I have sampled many of the men on God's paint pallet (ie - man slut), but I still don't have a particular preference or aversion to any one race. More often than not a great smile and deep beautiful eyes will get my attention (a good body doesn't hurt either).

It also makes me wonder am I now "non-doable" by these guys simply because I've been with a man of colour and now have their "germs"?

Who knows? I'd just like to find a man that wants me past the second date, regardless of skin colour.

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