Monday, July 14, 2008

From short unfunny host, to tall and funny host

I remember reading about this a while ago, but a post on TV Tonight this morning about Dancing with the Stars new line up it has reignited my interest.

Shane Bourne was tipped to replace Darryl Sommers as host on the show, but he has gracefully declined the offer. Probably a wise idea.
It feels to me that DWTS (I love acronyms) is going to go the way of Big Brother. The format is worn out and they're running out of celebs to do the dancing. Time for a new show Channel 7.

Now, which F grade celebrities are lining up for the next series (set to air after the Olympics)? The only one confirmed so far is Jodi Gordon from Home and Away. Other wishes from the producers included Carson Kressley (he passed), Gordon Ramsay (he's too smart to do this shit), and Roberta Williams (she's probably gonna do it because she's a publicity whore).

They have also lined up up Henry from SYTYCD to be one of the professional dancers. Hmmm abs.

But now it looks like Larry Emdur is the hot tip to host. That cheesy grin? That every so smarmy presenting style? He'll be perfect.

I shan't be watching...

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