Sunday, July 13, 2008

You know Gretel is laughing her head off...

News from TV Tonight (then later repeated on Rove) - Big Brother has been cancelled.

No surprise really. Lets look at the facts that led to its demise-

  1. Worst ratings ever - the daily show was often beaten by the ABC news, making it fourth in its time slot.
  2. Useless hosts - as much as old battle axe Gretel was getting on my tits every week, she was a million times better than non-blinking Kyle, and personality-lacking Jackie
  3. The promise of a completely "new" and "different" series resulted in nothing but one big bed, and the same shit as last year
  4. Boring housemates - some called it a "freak show", with a midget and the squeaky hairy once, but they were all equally dull.
  5. Poor support shows - in the past we had Uncut and Up Late and even the nominations show to keep us enthralled and entertained... this year all we got was Big Mouth (which I kinda liked) and the spastic specials (Carson 1 and 2, Hypnosis, Pamela).
And the biggest problem in my mind;

No Gays - not only was their a distinct lack of gay talk from an over-sexed, perpetually horny gay guy, there was very little eye candy at all. The gays, bi's and closet gays all tuned out because there was nothing to look at.

So long Big Brother... I really won't miss you at all.

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Anonymous said...

Thank christ... I hated this shit.