Monday, July 7, 2008

TV Tripe and Old Lady Boobies

Cashing in on your fifteen minutes of celebrity is perfectly acceptable in my mind. Nay, it's a necessity if you are a Big Brother/Australian Idol/X Factor/So You Think You Can Dance reject. You really have no discernible skills, and you are bound to end up working back at McDonalds after it all.

But I think Roberta Williams is going too far. The ex-wife of Carl Williams (you know, the guy who underbelly is "based" upon) has been doing numerous TV appearances recently - most of them on the former bastion of journalistic integrity - A Current Affair. Talking about life as a gangster's moll or something. I don't really know, because I refuse to watch.

Now the next bit of soggy kindling to fuel her spluttering celebrity fire is to do a "bikini" spread in Zoo Weekly.

I don't read Zoo. It's too damn low brow for me - I do read FHM though (for the articles obviously), but this puts me off even further. I don't want to see this woman flopping her bits about in a bikini. No I don't.

To make matters even worse, her supposedly "tasteful" spread is one of the leading stories tonight on A Current Affair. Journalistic Gold!

Oh... and Roberta's manager? Kyle Sandilands. Enough said.

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