Monday, July 7, 2008

The Date

You gave me a star on gaydar, that's the only reason I messaged you.

You weren't really my type, more than 16 years older than me.

But at 6 foot 4 tall and toned - I was interested. I was being shallow, but still interested.

I knew who you were. I knew you were a grand champion. I knew you had intelligence, wit and style. I was interested.

I googled you.

We met for coffee and tapas.

Conversation flowed. You asked all the right questions.

You shared, I shared.

You started to promise me the world. You would treat me with respect, you would respect my space, you would be a perfect boyfriend. You would never cheat on me.

I was definetly interested.

You dropped me off in town. We made out like teenagers.

You promised a second date in two days time. It would perfect.

You sent me a text to remind me of the time and place.

I wasn't going to forget, but it seems you did.

You stood me up.

I am no longer interested.

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