Monday, July 7, 2008

Insert silent high pitch squeal here...

I am easily excitable. All it took was this latest pic from the US Kath & Kim to make me all giggly and excited.

This is only the 2nd shot from the new series (I posted the first one here not too long ago) and the attention to detail here indicates how much effort they are going to to stay true to the original format.

It looks great. Molly Shannon (right) looks great as Kath, and Selma Blair has got the tacky going on so well (right down to the anklet and wedge thongs), but she needs to be fatter.

This better be good.

Sorry late edit.... picture from TV Tonight - where I get all my K&K pics (sorry David)


Reece said...

i saw the exact same post on TV Tonight's website (please refer

Ben said...

Whoops... thanks for the heads up Reece!

I always try to credit other sites when I've got my info from them - but I must have forgot in my excited rush!