Monday, July 7, 2008

Dexter... was it worth the wait?

Sorry for all the TV posts this morning, but there is just so much stuff going on.

After what felt like months of teaser ads and building the suspense with some clever advertising, Dexter finally premiered on free-to-air TV last night.

I was very, very excited to see this show finally air. I think I bored Kat with my constant referrals to it and telling her to shoosh every time an ad showed.

Well, was it worth the wait? Kind of.

The first episode of any show can be a bit tedious to watch- there is so much to explain, so much character to build, they need to show us who these people are and what their relationship is to each other. So the action always seems to be a bit slow.

Dexter was no exception. We learnt about his childhood in the form of flashbacks (my most hated plot device). We learnt about his colleagues. We learnt about his day to day life. We learnt a lot about his murderous tendencies. So at some stages it was a little dull.

But I can see definitely see the potential. The murder scenes were very well done (and very gory too). They built the sub plot of the "Ice Truck Killer" very nicely. Dexter's girlfriend is complex and fragile and ads a nice touch to the show.

I especially liked the character of Sgt Doakes (played by Erik King, right) - he's the only person that seems to have an inkling of what Dexter is capable of - and he swears a lot too.

Huge potential in this show - I just hope Channel Ten doesn't dick around with it's time slot. It flogged Lipstick Jungle in the ratings by almost 300,000 viewers ... so fingers crossed it'll stay put.

Worth a second and third look - at least.

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