Thursday, June 26, 2008

Getting ready for bitter disappointment...

Dexter is coming and I'm pretty damn excited by it too (yes Benji gets excited easily). Sure, it's been on pay TV for ages, but it's coming to free-to-air and I really can't wait to see it. Kat reckons I'm all giggly about it because Michael C Hall is hot (well he kinda is), but it sounds like such a strange and imaginatively done show and that really intrigues me.

Here's the synopsis-

During the day, Dexter Morgan is a jovial employee in the Miami Metropolitan Police Department's crime lab, but his meticulously crafted life masks his true nature. In reality Dexter is a disciplined and murderous psychopath (a self-admitted "monster"), and he slakes his blood lust at night by carefully killing the serial killers he tracks down during the day.

It's not a normal drama - it sounds completely off-centre and not just another cop show clone. It sounds like a show I could really get addicted to, and tell all my friends how great it is. It could even become a water-cooler show... you know how people talk about TV shows the next day because it was so fucking great? It's gonna be fantastic.
But sadly, I'm actually expecting to be bitterly disappointed by it.

In the past I have gone and gotten all excited by new shows - in recent history there was "Dirty, Sexy, Money" and "Torchwood". Both had really piqued my interest with stories from the net and great teaser ads on their respective Chanel's. But after the first episode, I just ended up bored and not really caring.

Please, please, please Dexter.... live up to my expectations. I need to be "wowed".

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