Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The new foxy morons...

Finally some pictures from the US remake of Kath and Kim - well one picture anyway.

Molly Shannon (left) plays Kath, while Selma Blair plays her annoying daughter Kim.

Blair looks trashy enough (though a little too thin), but Shannon looks too young. She needs to be aged a bit more.

There is quite a buzz about the American adaptation. It's being driven by TV supremo, Ben Silverman - who was behind The Biggest Loser and Ugly Betty.

It's been programmed to follow the US version of The Office which is a rating success (and another of Silverman's shows) and the NBC network has ordered six more episodes based on the pilot (this never happens).

But am I gonna like it? Who knows? I wasn't a big fan of Kath and Kim when it came out (I actually missed most of the third series), but I really love Molly Shannon. and think Selma Blair could easily pull off a great Kim.

Once again, I'm just gonna have to wait and see. It could be another bitter disappointment or a pleasant surprise.

Thanks to TV Tonight for the pic.

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