Monday, December 1, 2008

Love me two times...

It's the first of December people and that means two things;

  1. It's no longer Movember, so shave off those hideous things you think look like groovy porn-staches, but in reality look like nothing more than over trimmed pubic hair that my grade 11 Biology teacher used to sport. I will point and laugh at any man still sporting a craptacular 'tache from this point forward. You have been warned

  2. It's world AIDS day - so please buy a ribbon and support AIDS research.
Have a great day....


Ms Smack said...

I agree w/you about the tache's, god, get rid of them! Good for charity tho.

I knicked the red ribbon from you for my blog.

Thanks for the reminder.


Josh said...

A friend of a friend did the "No Shave November" thing and grew a full beard. Looked rather handsome, but he shaved it off. :(