Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sound financial decisions in these tough economic times

So who's feeling the pinch of the economic crisis? Are you worried about losing your job if the economy tanks? Are the interest rate cuts too little too late and you are already sleeping in a caravan on your sister's front lawn, with a pee bucket by the door because she won't let you in the house after she's gone to bed?

Well Foxtel have a solution for you... get Pay TV!

I'm sure you've seen the ads where the crotchety old mother tells her daughter that she's gonna have to be more careful with her money because of the economy, but the daughter says "It's OK - we got Foxtel!!!!!"

"It lets us record all our favourite shows and we'll save heaps of money on going out! It'll bring the family together! And it's free!"

Hmmm... there are so many things wrong with that quote;

"Lets us record our favourite shows..." -If you mean sitcoms such as Will and Grace, or the Simpsons or any other 90's sitcom most of which are available on Free to Air TV, or available in cheap as chips DVD's from JB Hi Fi.

"It'll bring the family together..." - sure, your pudgy, lazy arse kids are gonna be much more family orientated as they sit on the lounge not talking to you as they watch crap TV repeats.

"We'll save heaps of money on going out" - so you want your children to be hermit-like shut-ins who rarely venture outside and will have limited social skills and as such will be shunned by their peers in their depressing future?

"And it's free" - well they are giving you 12 months of Foxtel IQ for free, and that's usually $100 a month, so that is a good deal, but they fail to mention that you need to still sign up for a subscription to Foxtel, which from memory starts around $95 a month.

So your family will get fatter as they will be sitting on their arse all day, your kids won't talk to you because TV is more important, but then again they won't be talking to anyone due to inept social skills, and you'll still be short $100 a month for your mortgage.

Sounds like a wise investment. Wise investment indeed.


Kezza said...

I find those ads utterly painful, why the fuck is it acceptable for them to make false claims of this nature for a product that contributes to the decline of society, yet fast food advertising is now taboo during kiddie viewing (and so it should be) and anything that even looks remotely fast in car advertising is banned too, yet if its an add for shocolate or iced coffee, you can run around in the back of a moving ute or pull handbrake turns in a residential street. Lame standards and Foxtel, just so you kniow you can kiss my arse and stop sending cunts to my house to sell me something I despise.


unique_stephen said...

Have they never heard of bit t0rr3nt?

Friday said...

I haz Foxtel and I love it... Hard!


phishez said...

I so don't watch enough TV to warrant foxtel. Their re-runs are crap. If I like the show enough to watch re runs I have the damned DVDs.

And as for the movie channels - I will go out and see a movie at the cinema if I want to see it. Or I'll buy it on DVD and watch it at my own convenience when its released.

Foxtel is a babysitter. I have cat toys to keep the babies occupied.

Victor said...

What a ridiculous advertisement.

Ms Smack said...

I refuse to get that crap at my house. Never, ever!

Go and read a book.