Friday, November 14, 2008

Relief is at hand...

I'm not talking about masturbation people... it seems that the work gods are smiling upon me, and my crippling work-related mental anguish that I blogged about some weeks ago may actually be coming to an end.

Thank you Zombie Jesus!

My boss has asked me if I could help out one of her other managers with a reasonably large HR project that needs to be wrapped up before we close for Christmas. It's going to be a huge shit fight and a lot of hard work.

I'm going to be running lots of workshops, running and analysing heaps of data and generally frigging around with the payroll/HR system. Pretty boring stuff really, but it's main attraction for me? It doesn't involve any customer service projects at all!

Praise Allah!

I should actually be pissed off with this project though. It's not replacing my current workload, it's on top of my other projects. So I've got this new super-dooper high pressure project to wrap up in 6 weeks and three other heaps of crap to get over the line in the very near future.

The pressure will be on... but I'm looking forward to the challenge.

I'm not sure how this really came about, but it sure pays to have an open relationship with your boss. I had a bit of a download to her last week and she popped up with this today. Though I do suspect my mate Fleury D possibly had a word in her ear too.


Now with my work mojo coming back, and the love life looking a little bit better, hopefully the blogging mojo will return too.

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Anonymous said...

"Open relationship" with your boss? You mean you are in a sexual relationship with her and often have intercourse with other people outside of said relationship?