Friday, November 14, 2008

It's important to keep up the liquids...

It's been muggy as all hell in Brisneyland the last couple of days, so I've been feeling a little dehydrated. When I look back at what liquids I had yesterday, I'm surprised I'm not dead really;

Coffee for breakfast

Coffee for morning tea

Two schooners of Hahn Super Dry at lunch (low carb choices are smarter choices), to go with my steak and chips.

Can of diet coke for afternoon tea

Two stubbies of Toohey's White Stag with dinner (low carb choices are smarter choices).

That's it. No water at all, but plenty of beverages with massive diuretic properties. So no wonder I had another massive headache by night's end.

This unhealthy drinking regime isn't doing me any favours in the weight loss game. And considering the guy I've been dating has a stomach like this;

Don't ask me how the hell I found him (well he found me really). But compared to him, I feel like this;

I need to get my arse back into the gym, and do some ab exercises... STAT!


Kezza said...

You know, if you continue with your current fluid intake regime you'll find that your body kind of creates a black hole effect and you'll end up looking shit hit, but you need to cut out low-carb beer and increse your intake of burgers, chips and pizza. A few doughnuts wouldn't hurt either.

Trust me, it works. Start today!

Kezza said...

wait, you'll end up looking shit hot even... Sorry

simple simon said...

Hmmm.. I prefer the bottom pic. He needs more chest hair though.