Saturday, November 15, 2008

Love letters...

Note left on the bench by my housemate while I was having a shower...

Hey Ben,

Just to let you know I took a dump on your bed and pissed in your water bottle.


Kat :)

Um, hey again.

I also slept with your virgin sister.


Love Kat.

Me again,

I made sweet love to your mother too.



Classy as, don't you think?


Andy Man said...

Who the hell do you live with dude? A fucking brothel madam with tourettes?

phishez said...

Well, at least life isn't boring.

Ben said...

Life is never boring in the Benji household... never

Anonymous said...

You people are strange. Why would she write that? Why would you want to publish it? Why?

Kezza said...

He he he he, I like it, can I move in with you guys?

Josh said...

Um... eww?