Monday, November 17, 2008

Just a spot of rain...

I love storms and holy shit, didn't we get a big one in Brissie yesterday afternoon? It was unbearably hot and muggy all day and you just knew there was going to be some action in the afternoon.

And it was a doozy... lots and lots of lightning and thunder, hail (from the greenest sky I have ever seen) and wind, loads of loads of wind.

We had no damage to our place - except the wind came in horizontally and some how managed to wet the ceilings in the toilet and the laundry.

Here are some pics I stole from The Courier Mail;

Not sure where this one was taken... just says "South of Brisbane" prior to the storm front hitting.
Lightning hitting the suburb of Milton - that's the Castlemain Perkins Brewery (home of XXXX) looking like it got hit.

Another shot of Milton - but you can see three, possibly four lightning strikes in this shot.

This is a shot of a massive tree fall from The Gap. With Brisbane being in drought for so long, a lot of the old trees have been weakened and diseased, and many went down last night. The Gap was hit hardest and there are so many trees blocking roads that they've cancelled all bus services this morning.

And finally, the Channel 7 studios up on Mt Coot-Tha had the roof blown off and water bucketed through the place.

Bring on summer and more rain and storms... just not as destructive as this one please.


Andy Man said...

That indeed was an immense storm yesterday. I live in the Valley so no trees to get up rooted for me, but it was fucking loud.

LOL @ Channel 7 getting flooded. It's god's way of saying "fuck you"

jenny b said...

It really scared me yesterday. I was driving along the gateway and I had to pull over and stop. I really thought someone was going to run up my bum.

Anonymous said...

Boo hoo Birsbane. Like no one's ever seen rain before. Come to melbourne. We have tonnes of it. You get used to it.

cb said...

I LOVE thunderstorms... even the semi-destructive ones. They are so cool to watch.

Being from the midwestern US, I usually get a front row seat for these kinds of storms several times a year.

Cat said...

Amazing pics!

Letty Cruz said...

aaaaaah!! I love the smell of storms, and looking at lightning, and the sound of thunder. Of course, flooding, fires caused by lightning, getting STRUCK by lightning: not so much. And after horrific fires spread by Santa Anas and random sundowner wind gusts, next week our first rains are expected here in southern California. So now the people in the burnt-bare canyons are bracing for flooding. Good times, I know. But enough procrastinating for me -- good night <3

Josh said...

Very nice pics, but I don't think I'd want to be anywhere near there... looks pretty scary O_o