Friday, August 22, 2008

Which one would you do?

The cutest puppy you have ever seen will be brutally beheaded in a satanistic ritual designed to appease the great unholy masters, John Howard, the Pope and Kerri-Anne Kennerly, unless you sleep with one of the following celebrities;

The Australian Idol Judges - from left to right, Marci Hines, Ian Dickson and Kyle Sandlilands.

I'm gonna have to do Marcia this time round. We all know how much I hate Kunty Kyle, and Dicko just doesn't do anything for me (I think he'd have a little peen too). Marcia is pretty manly too - she's probably got bigger balls than the other two anyway.

Australian Idol returns to Channel Ten on Sunday August 24th.


Crystal said...

I'd do Kyle. He does it for me.

Ben said...

I'd be too distracted waiting the fool to blink properly to do Kyle.