Saturday, August 23, 2008

We're just a bunch of girls having fun!

Thank Christ the Olympics are almost over. I hate them so fucking much, but for some sad reason I keep flicking over to watch every now and again.

There are quite a few sports that seem really gay in my mind - men's synchronised diving is one - two hot, toned men in speedos thrashing about in the water. It's a porno waiting to happen.

Don't get me started on men's gymnastics.

But have you noticed there seems to be a lot of sports that are much more "lesbian" friendly? For starters there's the softball. They're not the most feminine bunch of gals are they? They do know how to fling the balls about.

Then there's the water polo. These ladies look like the roughest bunch of men on the planet. The shoulders are massive and it's a wonder their balls don't pop out the bottom of their swimmers.

And finally the Beach Volleyball - this sport has more of a lipstick lesbo feel to me. They are generally very attractive ladies in their hot bikini's, but you just know they'll be sharing their saphic love after the game.

Hmmm... now to see how I can turn this bunch of girls having special fun into a super money making porn site.

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