Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I totally got into uni!

I will be studying a Bachelor of Film and Screen Media Production at the Queensland College of Art as of 27 Feb.

I am ever so pleased with myself - last year the course had an entrance score of 3. In Queensland the highest score is 1, lowest is 25, so that means this course is very popular and only the top students are admitted. And now that includes me.

I am also shitting my pants at the thought of going back to uni. I am bound to be the oldest person in class (I've googled a lecturer, and I am older than him). There is also the pressure to make this work. I am taking a massive risk trying to crack this industry, so I hope the course is every thing I expect it to be. And I hope I actually manage to excel at the course work too.

Now I just need to find some casual work to bring in some cash... that is proving to be the hardest part of all.


phishez said...

Excellent news!

Good luck with the job hunt.

Victor said...

Congratulations Ben