Monday, January 23, 2012

They say a change...

On line dating really isn't my thing, but I do have both a Grindr and Scruff app on my iPhone (Scruff being the older, hairier, manlier version of Grindr).

I've never had many pick up attempts off either site (save for a bizarre "Can I lick your toes and then cum all over your feet?" request), so I thought I might change my picture to see what would happen.

So I went from this;

Taken back in March 2009, slightly boozed, but looking rather happy. To this;

Boxing Day 2011, new trimmed stubble in place trying to look brooding and serious (my forehead looks funny because I had to erase a fake tramp stamp tattoo from it. I do not do photo shop well!).

And the result? I think my phone was about to blow up with the amount of notifications it was getting. I felt oh so popular!

Interestingly, I was getting messages from guys that failed to respond to my previous attempts at striking up a conversation. I'm still the same person guys, but I've realised that you are a bit of a shallow cunt.

I still haven't progressed to meeting people off the apps - I'm just not in a hooking up frame of mind still. But it is nice to know that people do find me attractive enough to hit up.


phishez said...

Men must be the most shallow bunch of bastards! I gotta say, your first pic is adorable. If I was in the market for someone serious, I'd prefer the first pic.

Mann said...

Perhaps you could take this social experiment one step further and see if you get any notifications from say... If you were dressed up as a cowboy, policeman or Indian?

I've always found Grindr a bit weird but so much fun. I guess its the curiosity?