Tuesday, January 10, 2012

And the spending continues...

Ladies and gentlemen, I wish to introduce to you Ms Rebecca Black...

She is my new car (well new to me) and was my Xmas present to myself late last year. She is a 2004 manual Astra Hatch, and I think she is just lovely. She was to be named Deni Hines - but apparently that would have been racist for some reason.

It is the single biggest purchase of my life - $8500 in cold hard cash plonked down in one transaction. But fuck it was nice to drive off from the dealership knowing that this is my car with no financial constraints weighing over my head.

She has already done one trip to Chinchilla (about 3.5 hours south west of Brisbane) for a Xmas catch-up with my brothers family. She traversed the Toowoomba range with such ease - I didn't have to change out of fourth.

She has also already caught the eye of the parking inspectors in my street - twice! What a hussy!

But knowing my history with cars, I hope I can manage to keep this one on the road for a lot longer than the past few. I love being back on the road again.


phishez said...

Excellent purchase!

I have a 2004 astra. And its so reliable! It can be expensive to maintain (parts have to be imported from Germany), but I've only ever had 1 breakdown in years.

Once the altenator was replaced ($90 from a wrecker) its been great since.

Neusa said...

Lovely Car, kiss

Victor said...

Happy driving!