Monday, January 9, 2012

Ohhh.... shiny things

My new babies... A 27 inch iMac, and a 13 inch macbook pro - photographed with my new iPhone 4s.

No I haven't suddenly converted to the cult of Apple, I just needed a new laptop, and since I will be doing quite a lot of practical uni assignments I really needed a desk top computer to work off (I hate working for long periods on a laptop screen).

OK - I really didn't need the iMac - but god damn, it is one pretty bitch. And since I've had it, I've actually been blogging (well this is my 2nd post written on the machine), and doing quite a bit of research for uni and my creative pursuits.

Probably not a wise investment considering my redundancy payout is supposed to last me two years - but I just want to own something nice and shiny. OK?

Stop judging me!

(PS - how freaking dark is my study nook? That pic was taken in the middle of the day, flash on. Looks very dark.)


phishez said...

27 inches? Mine is 40. Its my tv screen. I blog from my couch....

If it motivates you to use it productively (i.e not just for facebook), then its a great investment. Plus Macs last for longer than pcs in general.

Ben said...

I couldn't leave mine in the lounge - my housemate would see my porn!