Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Yay for not sleeping

Well I'm into my second night of not sleeping, so I thought I go through my half completed posts and see what I can spew out with as little effort as possible.... and it's a fucking Meme (I think I stole it from Damien from Two Cents Worth, but can't be sure)

Enjoy....or go fuck yourself. What ever pleases....

Fruit: Nil. I despise fruit. I know it's supposed to be good for me, but everything I buy just goes off in the fruit bowl. Ohhhh.... do lolly bananas count?

Flower: Oriental Lillie's... when my grandfather died, everyone at work chipped in for a big bunch of them. I took them home and my house just had the scent of these flowers in it for so long.

Ice Cream: Anything chocolate.... double, triple, double dipped with choc topping chocolate orgasm inducing chocolate CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE. But not white chocolate. That's for poofters and old ladies.

Restaurant: West End Garden at, um, West End. Fantastic little Vietnamese place that is just a stroll down the hill from my office. $7.50 chilli chicken with lemon grass and steamed rice. Friendly service (plus some cute waiters on a Friday).

Sport: Competitive masturbation. Sadly, no one wins.

Number: 15. Read this post for detail.

Soda: Coke Zero... or an old fashioned can of Sars.

Song: As of this very moment it's 3's & 7's by Queens of the Stone Age (Damn you guitar hero for having influence over my song choices).

Colour: Black. Like my sense of humour.

Saying: "Mother fucking cunt!" well I said it quite a few times today when I managed to blow up two PC's in the middle of massive data saves.

Actor: Anything cute with a six pack, that might look half gay will do. I'm not picky. But none of those poofter from Twilight. Seriously, get a tan.

Drink:Alcoholic.... Scotch and Dry, but am learning to enjoy a nice bottle of red lately.

Breakfast food: if I have time, poached eggs

Favorite possession: My sanity....but if I don't get some sleep it may not be round for much longer

Mall store: Universal Store

Fast food restaurant: Hanichi.... best value in any food court. Hmmm Japanese pork curry.

Comedian: Kathy Griffin, Jason Rouse

Brady Bunch or Gilligan's Island: Neither held much interest for me as a kid. I loved You Can't Do That on Television.

Holiday: Ekka Wednesday

Hard Candy: Werther's Originals reminds of my Pop, but I'm not really sure he ever had them. Strange.

Cartoon Character: Roger from American Dad

Kind of pants: Jeans... as long as they flatter my arse.

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cb said...

I bet you'd eat a MANana!

And they make SARS into a soda??