Monday, December 15, 2008

The magical, mystical, hypocritical power of 15

I'm not an overly superstitious guy. I don't get freaked out when I spill milk, black cats don't send chills up my spine, and I hate it when people feel the need to tap their heads when they say "touch wood". But the number 15 seems to have a some-what auspicious connection with my life.

Here's some examples;

15th December 1996 - I ran through a barbed wire fence on a motorbike and ripped my right leg to shreds. You can see a picture here.

15th December 2003 - Started my job with TAFE.

15th December 2003 - parents moved out of the family home into a much smaller place to fund their retirement.

15th March 2004 - my maternal grandfather drops dead of a massive heart attack while holidaying in Perth.

15th March 2005 - my third niece, Sarah is born, turning a sad occasion into a very happy one.

15th November 2007 - my paternal grandfather finally succumbs to lung cancer.

15th November 2008 - my cousin's son is born, once again turning a sad occasion into a happy one.

The only time I won any sort of significant money was on roulette. Yup, you guessed it, I played the number 15.

Oh and the last one... I currently weigh 15 stone (well 15.1459872 according to Google).

Like I said, I'm definitely not superstitious, but the number 15 comes into play way too often in my life to ignore it.

I think I might go get "15" tattooed down my back 15 times by a guy with the IQ of 15 who has just finished a 15 year jail term for selling cocaine to 15 year old school boys.

Not that I'm superstitious or anything.


Andy Man said...

You forgot to mention your 15 inch wanger.

Kezza said...

But can you manage 15 times in one night? Coz if you can I'll be all over you in a flash!

Not that I probably wouldn't be anyway.

Andy Man said...

But he can only last 15 seconds at a time Kez...not worth it.

unique_stephen said...

It's also the day my broadband account month starts on and I get all my bandwidth back to burn all over again.

Ms Smack said...

That's pretty trippy!

Josh said...

I like touching wood... luck be damned.