Sunday, August 16, 2009

Demons be gone!

An update on my journey to avoid Alcoholics Anonymous... it appears that I do in fact have some will power, and am not on the slippery slope of selling my arse hole to fund my drinking and drug habits.

Last Saturday night I attended a party with friends, and I volunteered to be designated driver. This is something I would never do in the past, as I always get pissed and would leave people in the lurch, but I needed a reason to stay sober. So I rocked up with my six pack of low carb beer and sat and watched everyone else get increasingly intoxicated.

But instead of getting shitty at not being able to join in the festivities, I really was having a good time sitting and chatting to strangers without knocking over glasses, spitting on them and making a general arse of myself.

After a few hours of the owner of the car I was driving wanted to go into the Valley to meet up with friends...but I could totally go home to bed and just return the car in the morning if I wanted.

Fuck that... it was only 11:30, and I didn't want to be at home by myself wishing that I could actually be smashed out of my skull having fun. So I offered to not only drive them in, but also offered to stay and drive them all back home when ever they felt like it was time to stumble home.

My friends were incredulous , but i was true to my word and stayed out with them until 5:00am.

Yes. Eight hours surrounded by drinking and increasingly intoxicated people and I only consumed 6 beers the entire time.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is what I call a successful evening.

But it doesn't stop there... Tuesday night had the potential to be another boozy evening. It was our Ekka Show holiday eve, so it's a notoriously big night as the entire town seems to go out on the turps. But I managed to go out with a big group of people from work, and sip on a few beers and cocktails over the course of the evening.

Unlike some of my work peers who got increasingly drunk in front of their staff, I managed to remain calm, professional and not look like an arse.

Once again... that is a major change for me.

Then there was Thursday night... more potential trash-baggery could have ensured, but I had a great time in a great new club on only four beers.

So I think I have proved to myself I can actually go out with money in my wallet and not have to piss all up the wall on sambucca shots and endless scotch and dry's.

It hasn't all been completely sober sally evening's on the town however. This Friday night's shenanigans definitely saw me go over the limit (but not to extreme proportions). This post is long enough already so lets just say no sambucca was involved (I truly believe it is Satan's sperm and sends me over the edge), but I did end up in the smoking area of The Beat pashing on with a blond welsh woman who had to teach me how to cop a feel of her boobs properly.

Some things will never change.


AndrewC said...

Yay for you! Its good to know there is hope!

Clairebear said...

Good work Ben, Im proud :)

The Mutant said...

That rates a full on 'shit-hot, fucking-awesome' with me. Keep that up. No one says you can't indulge occasionally - meanwhile how good did you feel the next morning after those nights? I know right - it's great!

cb said...

Well done you!! Keep it up !