Monday, August 10, 2009

Where's the big screen version of "Go Dog Go!"?

Movie adaptations of books are generally shite. Like, um, that one that sucked. Well pretty much any Stephen King movie (with the exception of The Green Mile) and apparently the Da Vinci Code sucked balls compared to the book (but I haven't read it).

So when I read they were making a movie out of the ki'ds book "Where the Wild Things Are" I was completely under-whelmed at the prospect of it. I never liked the book as a kid, and Hollywood has a poor track record with turning kids books into good film (anyone remember the god-awful the Cat in the Hat?).

But after watching the preview, I totally want to see it.

Completely reminds me of the Labyrinth, without David Bowie's giant penis showing through his tights to distract me from the puppets.


The Mutant said...

I so love Labyrinth, but more so for Bowie's hair rather than anything else. Of course the goblin-esque steam-punk fantasy thing floats my boat too.

This looks pretty damn cool. I didn't even know they were making such a film. So going to see it!

cb said...

You know something? I've never read this book. Never even page through it. But the film does look cool. Very Terry Gilliam actually

phishez said...

Ahh yes. David Bowies penis was (and still is) an endless source of amusement in that movie.

I should watch it again. I'm that hard up.