Monday, March 2, 2009

My stomach is full of vomitty butterflies...

We meet for a date.

We laugh a lot. We have no problem finding things to talk about. We even have a moment of comfortable silence.

We both agree we have an inner trash bag , so we order another beer. And then another. And another.

Your body language is hard to read. You shuffle closer, but then move your legs away. You lean in closer at the exact moment the music gets really loud.

Oh shit... have I missed all the signals? Am I already too drunk to tell if you are into me?

Then when I tell you I paid the bill when you went to the toilet, you touch me. The briefest touch of my hand. But you linger just enough for me to know what it means.

My head almost explodes.

It's a school night so we go our separate ways. You tell me you'll call. I gently touch your hip, when I just want to lean in and kiss you.

But I don't.

I walk off towards home and pull out my phone, debating whether or not to send you a text so soon. Screw the rules, I want to tell you I had a great time. But you beat me to it, as the phone vibrates in my hand.

My stomach does back flips.

You confirm all my thoughts. Yes, you had a great time, Yes, you want to see me again. Yes, you wanted me to kiss you too.

I can't wait for the second date.


Ms Smack said...

OH HOORAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY I love this post. Keep us posted. Don't rush in. BE YOURSELF, you're fabulous.

Anonymous said...


I love it when first dates go so well, it's such a euphoric feeling.

Keeps you on a high for days.

Anonymous said...

That is too sweet!!!
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

You met a fella?
Go you!!! Men meet me and run for the hills so I intend to live your romance vicariously through you hehe

The Mutant said...

Yay... Thats so exciting... now someone else is going to get laid while I dry up all alone in the corner!

I hope you enjoy every second of it.

Victor said...

Lucky you! Make the most of it.

phishez said...

I'd love to comment here, but I just read the post below, and can't stop laughing...

Good on you for the date!

Still laughing.

Gavin said...

Nawwwww.. That's so sweet. I miss that first touch feeling.

Good luck and enjoy every second

audrey said...

Oh dear, that is swoonful. I am a perfect combination of excited and envious right now....HOT.