Monday, February 2, 2009

I like my steak a bit more well done thank you...

Ahhh, the Cairns Post. Where would I be without their ever growing stable of pictures of snakes and spiders eating birds?

Well here is this month's, strange animal picture from the North Queensland daily;

Apparently this poor cow was struck by lightning sometime in December. I'm not sure how the animal survived as that looks like a fairly horrible wound.
A James Cook University professor has confirmed that a lightning strike could possibly have caused the damage.

I certainly hope it was a lightning bolt that did that damage. I would hate to think that a person inflicted that sort of thing on an animal.


The Mutant said...

I've seen lightning-struck cows before and yes, they do look a lot like that, however they don't always stay standing although according to vets quite a few do survive.

When you see a herd of cattle huddled together that's been struck by lighning you can almost "join the dots" and work out who was standing where from the resulting scarring.

Anonymous said...

lol that moo moo is hilarious!

Andy Man said...

They should put that poor thing out of its misery and put it on my plate!

I love a good steak. And that one would be nice and tender. DOUBLE ROASTED