Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The 40-year-old moronic retards - DVD Review

When I was fourteen I dared my little sister and her best friend to shut me up in the sofa bed in the rumpus room. In theory I would be squashed up for a little bit and then they would pull me out after five or so minutes and all would be fine.

In reality, I weighed 100 plus kilo's at fourteen and there was no way two ten-year-old girls were gonna get me back out of that thing. The girls panicked when they couldn't get me out, and ran and hid in the back yard. Mum and dad came to my rescue after me screaming for about 30 minutes.

So at 14, you kind of expect that kind of idiotic behaviour, but when you're watching a moving about two 40-year-old guys that still live at home and act like that, you really need to remove all intelligence to enjoy the movie.

In "Step Brothers" Will Ferrell and John C Riley play, um, step brothers Brennan and Dale who still live at home and generally act like a couple of retarded monkeys, who can barely wipe their arses.

While the two main characters (and their parents) obviously have dangerously low IQ's, there were some absolutely hilarious bits, especially any scene involving the sister-in-law Alice (played by the lovely Kathryn Hann). I almost snorted coke out my nose when she tells Dale "I'm gonna roll you into a little ball and put you up my vagina".

A-grade comedy.

They also have a very short and sticky bathroom shag at her husband's birthday party. Very funny, and very smutty.

Kathryn Hann and John C Riley share a post-coital moment.

And the scenes where the guys decide to go for job interviews as a team and Dale lets out a massive fart is freaking hilarious too.

But there are some extremely tedious bits too. Especially where you can just tell they are just keeping the cameras rolling so Ferrell and Riley can run amok. The sleep walking scenes are just boring.

Overall though, it's good for a few shits and giggles. No where near as good as "Anchorman" but much, much better than "Talladega Nights"

Step Brothers is out now on DVD and Blue Ray.

FREEBIE ALERT - Thanks to Sony, I've got a free copy of Step Brothers to give away. So I want to hear what stupid thing you and your siblings have done to each other in the comments.


Andy Man said...

Wasn't impressed with this one. I hated every single character in it.

I once chucked a brick at my sisters head. She got seven stitches.

The Mutant said...

Why does that final paragraph reek terribly of some kind of corporate sponsorship? Is there something you're not disclosing here?

Ben said...

Not quite corporate sponsorship... but Sony via their PR firm did contact me to do the review, with the promise of freebies!!!!

So Kez - what stupid things did you do out in the country?

phishez said...

I liked the movie. But I thought that Role Models was brilliant! Chack that out!

What stupid things did we do as kids... Um everything?

simple simon said...

I fucking loved that movie, and the sister in law was so funny.

I once packed my sister's boogie board bag with 50kg's of pot. We laughed so hard.

cb said...

I'm kind of "will ferrell"ed out. He's been quite over exposed. Although I loved him in Stranger Than Fiction.

Oh, and I'm an only child, so all the naughty things I did were to myself.

Ms Smack said...

I once chased my brother with an electric knife, which of course, I tried to plug in when he stood still, but only if he was near enough to a power point.


It still scared him enough though.

The sofa story is hilarious. I will see this movie too.


Ben said...

Phishez - I love sean william scott... so Role Models will be next on my list to see

Simon - so you're a corby kid then? So how long till you end up in jail?

CB - I love Stranger Than Fiction too... Maggie G floats my boat.

Ms Smack - I think yo are the winner of the freebie... You should have plugged into a really long extension lead...