Thursday, February 5, 2009

No asses? Send them over to Crotch Tech!

Such small things amuse my small, alcohol-ravaged brain;

The enrolment system at work abbreviates "non-assessable" to NO ASSES - and prints it on the student's enrolment confirmation.

Spell check on outlook wants to change "Corptech" to CROTCH TECH.

It's cute how your mobile phone predictive text offers you up KISS when you type "lips", but its even funnier that when you press the buttons for "cock", it offers you ANAL as the first option.

Like I said...small things


Andy Man said...

Trust you to find Cock and Anal funny.

The Mutant said...

I always find those things odd too. I'm also often caught out when I type something like "I've made dinner and got wine" only to find the other half arrive with charcoal tablets for me because predictive text has decided to say "I've made dinner and got wind"

phishez said...

Really? My phone offers lips when I want Kiss.

Don't you have an n95 too?