Sunday, January 25, 2009

My poofter-verse just got really really small.

Now listen closely boys and girls. I'm not going to to repeat myself;

I went on a date on Thursday night with a man who's ex-boyfriend I dated for about a week this time last year, who had a fling with his housemate who happens to be my new housemate's good mate who just broke up with the man I went on a date with on Thursday night.

Got it? No.

Ok, here it is again.

My date - broke up with his BF in Feb last year, and his BF decided to use me as a rebound fling.

Rebound boy used to shag his housemate before he met my date.

The housemate is actually a good friend of my new housemate.

The housemate (not my housemate) just broke up with my date from Thursday night a week before I had the date.

Confusing? Yes.

To add to the mix - I was also chatting with a guy on line who was going out with my new house mate's other good mate (who also lives in the same complex as me) and got dumped the day before I moved in.

My head hurts.


Anonymous said...

I need a Bex and a lie down.

Josh said...

This sounds like a big dramatic thing just waiting to explode at the worst possible moment.

Victor said...

I think you have been watching too much Neighbours....or was it The Bold and the Beautiful?

phishez said...

Screw trying to figure out. Just have an orgy already! Everyone's already been with everyone else.

Anonymous said...

sounds like my son's love life

Anonymous said...

I think you should fuck them all and show them what they are all missing out on nowadays, ya big SPUNK!

Ben said...

Jen - I'll get a damp wash cloth to sooth your troubled brow

Josh - it could be yes, but I've been very honest with all parties involved. It's just easier.

Victor - to make it soap worthy one of these blokes would need to be my long-lost brother, or perhaps my sister.

Phish - an orgy would def sort it all out. Can you host it for me?

nursemyra - Welcome! I hope your son's love life is nothing like mine. It just leads to bitter disappointment.

Tom - Please get on a plain and come to Brisbane. I'll just take out all my sexual frustration on you.

Ms Smack said...

Daisy chain?