Thursday, December 11, 2008

How not to retain customers in a competitive market...

I love the gym. I used to spend so much time there getting buff. But now I'm more flab than fab and with the impending move, I've had to cancel my membership.

And while my gym was brand new and all sparkly and shiny there are several things that really shit me about the place;

When a customer refers several new members and the manager tells you "Hey, thanks for that. We'll give you a couple of towels." Make sure you actually give them the towels.

When you send a customer their "Happy Birthday" letter, it might have more impact if you sent it close to their birthday in August, not at the end of October.

When a customer's personal trainer quits, you could possibly convert them to a new personal trainer by simply making a phone call , and asking if they want to try someone else. But it appears you don't want the extra $45 a week.

When the only two ab abductors in the place break, don't leave them sitting there with "out of order" signs on them for three months. They are the most popular machines in the place.

When customers are working out, its poor form to see the staff members playing cricket in reception.

When your opening hours say you are open til 9pm, don't go turning off all the treadmills at 8:45. I still might want to do some light cardio after my weights.

When a customer has their iPod stolen don't say to them "feel free to check everyone's pockets". Maybe a phone call from the manager would have been a better option.

When a customer calls to say they need to cancel their membership, don't say "OK, call this number and it's done." Maybe try and talk them into staying, or ask the reasons why, or try to get them to join the same chain in a different suburb. Never say "OK".

Sorry Goodlife Chermside, your facilities are nice and new, but you've blown it with your shoddy follow up and client retention. I shall be referring people to your opposition.


Ms Smack said...

This is a great post. I think you should send it to all of their shops, and the head office!

Even if you email it anonymously, go on!!


Kezza said...

I'm with Smack, email it around to all of their branches and to the managers and anyone else you possibly can.

Sounds like they couldn't suck anymore if they tried.

Andy Man said...

Don't go Finance First, they are so dear and will rip you off big time.

Go find a small independent one somewhere close.

phishez said...

I like Goodlife. That's my gym and apart from one patronising ass who doesn't talk to me, all of the staff there are lovely and helpful.

I heart my gym.

Ben said...

I'm way too passive aggressive to send it anywhere... I'll bitch about the poor service to the blogging community.

Phish I hearted my old gym so much more... people actually knew my name there. But the Chermside goodlife has apparently got the worst reputation out of all of them in Brissy... apparently very pretentious.

Victor said...

I passed a gym in Sydney CBD last Sunday morning at 11.20am. There were dozens of people waiting for the doors to open and a staff member could clearly be seen working away and ignoring them. The opening hours boldly displayed on the doors stated the gym should have opened at 11am. I think they may have lost a few customers that day.

Josh said...

I'm very seriously considering a gym membership for 2009... don't know if I can work up the willpower to be faithful to it though...