Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tales from the bus to boganville... part 2

Overheard on the 376 express to Stafford this afternoon;

Accountant Type Guy - "So I said to him 'You've got the wrong tax code, for the wrong cost centre on the wrong general ledger buddy!'"

Accountant Type Girl-"What a dork! Some people just have no idea, do they?"

Accountant Type Guy - "Tell me about it. It was hilarious!"

Sad thing is I knew exactly what they were talking about.

Kill me.


Andy Man said...

Come on man, there is no way you could be an accountant.

You just don't strike me as that much of a dork.

Kezza said...

I agree, for that you have to die!

unique_stephen said...

I'll still read you, but if you are an actuary then I'm tying you down and forcing you to listen to Gweneth Paltro songs.

Ben said...

Why thank you Andy.. I'm just a slight dork then?

Kezza - I'm noticing you are ready to kill alot of people in your comments lately. Does someone need a hug?

Stephen - I had damn "Cruisin'" in my head all day yesterday. Thanks for that.

unique_stephen said...

That's actuary very annoying.