Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Now that Ms Smack has sent quite a few of you my way, I am feeling under insurmountable pressure to write something witty, something profound, something cutting-edge to entertain.

But I'm stuck... again. Can't write to save my life.

Sure, there are plenty of half finished posts that I should finish and get out there, but I really don't have the time, or the inclination. I think a blog on propositon 8 passing or the US election is too old now for people to even care, and I think that Big Brother post can be deleted all together.

So, to fill the void, here's a half naked man!

Oh wait... that's Courtney Love.

Shit. I can't even tell the difference between a man, and a herion addicted skank anymore.

I need a holiday.


Kezza said...

Heh, noice!

Seriously though I'd love to look like that! BTW when considering holiday destinations, don't forget you could always come to Melbourne, get shitfaced and pass out in a ditch with me!

Ms Smack said...

Just be your delightful self honey. Your witty daily observations about current affairs, or stuff around you is highly entertaining!

unique_stephen said...

No pressure
but if you don't perform I'll link to pictures of 2 year olds with conjunctivitis

Andy Man said...

Holy fuck. I though Courtney was on the straight and narrow these days.

She and Amy Winehouse need to do a duet I reckon.

Ms Smack said...

wow. she's revolting....

think she'll be the next celebrity death?

Ben said...

Kezza - A trip to melbourne would be delightful, especially if can spend most of it face down in a puddle of my own vomit.

Smack - For you I'll try.

Stephen - I'm actually quite keen to see that kind of pic. I expect it would look something like Nicole Kidman, but prettier.

Andy - What would they sing? "Old Man River" by TISM?

Smack - I reckon a supermodel will by the next drug death... they are too skinny and so their hearts are already under pressure. Kate moss maybe?