Monday, November 3, 2008

Have you done something different with your hair?

I went out and got extremely hammered on Friday to get over the stresses of last week. Not a very healthy way to get over someone I'm first to admit, but it was a fun night. We started with with after work drinks at The Fox in South Brissie, and ended wandering down the Valley Mall at 6am looking for a cab home.

The majority of the evening was spent (as usual) at The Beat - a lot of people went all out and got dressed up for Halloween. Lots of fake blood and scary contacts for effect. My effort? I ironed a shirt and found matching socks. I put all my energy into to drinking as much scotch as possible during happy hour.

As drunk as I was, I didn't want fall into old habits and act like a total slut on the dance floor. So I was being restrained and not latching onto anyone that happened to touch me. But when I saw a guy I used to work with in the call centre who I always thought was hot, I thought I'd give it a shot. I always knew he was gay, but seeing as I was still firmly in the closet and 30 kilo's heavier back then, I never acted on any urges.

So with a bit of alcohol fueled courage I approached him on the dance floor and said "Hey - you're Mat that used work at TAFE right?"

I got a very non-friendly response "And you are?"

"It's Ben. I was your team leader."

"Oh. You had more hair back then."

Yeah, the only thing that's changed is my hair.

Thanks a lot cunt.


Andy Man said...

You were at the beat? I was at the beat too! Damn - if I'd recognised you I would have come and said hello.

Anonymous said...

sounds like he needed a bitch-slapping!

Kezza said...

What a nasty fucking moll, you should've just glassed the fucking cunt, no hesitation, no mucking around, just smack a pint glass into his face. Next time you see him give it a shot. It's fantastically thereputic.

simple simon said...

Forget the fool... you deserve better than that sort of prick

Ben said...

Damn Andy... if you were at the beat with a bod like that I'm sure I was probably drooling all over you

Kez/Paul - I thought we were a peaceful and gentle subculture, and would never support violence as an answer to anything.

Who am I kidding? I would loved to kick the arse right in the balls.

michael said...

ben, its not you're fault you're a fat, bald fag.

Ben said...

Thanks Michael. You really know how to sweet talk a man.

michael said...

well a bit of constructive criticism never hurt anyone!

Ms Smack said...

Michael is certainly making me moist.