Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cricket is so.... sexy?

I'm happy to admit that I find nothing more boring than watching cricket on TV. It's just so god-damn repetitive. And those fucking commentators drive me insane. I know they have a tough gig giving a running update on the world's most boring game, but please could you bring some personality to the microphone?

Who wants to watch 12 men stand around a big grassy paddock chucking balls at each other for 12 hours in a day, with the coma inducing tones of Messers Benaud, Chappel and Lawry?

Not I, said the fly.

But my opinion could be swayed. The Courier Mail has published a nice little pic of Shane Watson, baring just enough flesh to get me interested;

Hmmm... just a little bit different to the Merv Hughes/David Boon days, don't ya think?


Kezza said...

I dunno, the body might be okay now, but you just know it's headed to Warney territory before long. Besides if you took that body out of the equasion and were forced to look at the head all of a sudden cricket looses all of its appeal again. Have a look at the current Aussie team, there isn't a single decent head amongst them and I don't really want to say it in case I stir up some aggression, but... It's a game for fucking inbreeders.

Oh shit, sorry... slipped out.

simple simon said...

Two words for you Kezza... Mitchell Johnson. Not too pretty, nice bod. Just doable.

Yes cricket is dull. And yes, Kezza, I can imagine Shane Watson looking exactly like Warnie in a few years time.

But a boy can still drool...

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmm men playing with balls all day.........

jenny b said...

Wow. I hate cricket too, but he has a great body.

Not sure about the face.