Monday, October 20, 2008

So did you wash your hair before you appeared on TV?

The ARIAs - boring

Hamish and Andy - lame

Gabriella Cilmi - please wash your hair

The Veronicas - blonde doesn't suit the one on the right

Hamish and Andy - feeble

Sam Sparro - Jim Carey in Dumb and Dumber?

Myf Warhurst - your boobs. Set them free.

The Living End - rocked big time

Hamish and Andy - why are these two so popular? Why?

Chris Lilley - target of my new mini crush

Presets - yay for winning, boo for selling your songs to advertisers


jenny b said...

I really hated the Veronicas song. It was too screechy and too much going on.

Pink was great though.

Kezza said...

I can confidently say I don't know half of the people you've referred to there, but if I did I'd probably agree with you.

And why the hell are Hamish and Andy so popular, they're like the stupid jocks at high school I so badly wanted to trottle. Oh well, if I were to ever get to the ARIAs I'm sure I'd be just as hated.

simple simon said...

Hamish and Andy are hilarious. I suppose you think Bert Newton is crap too? Stupid Queenslander.

Ben said...

Yes... I hate Bert Newton.