Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Soul destroying boredom

I am going crazy with boredom. Sure, I have a few briefing papers to write and crap loads of data to run, but I'll go insane if I keep doing that crap. So I thought I'd take some pictures of my boring little office to pass the time.

This is the view from my desk;

Points of interest;
  • A diary on the left that I never use.
  • The empty desk in front where Fleury D used to sit, but is now on maternity while she waits for the twins to plop out.
  • The ubiquitous can of Pepsi Max (but could be coke zero or diet coke depending on what's left in the vending machine).
  • One of your blogs is visible on the screen... aren't you popular?
  • That's a "motivational" sign on the back of the door - "Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level and beat you with experience" decorated with lots of very brightly coloured fish. I don't understand either.

And now the reverse view;

Points of interest;

  • My boss sits on the other side of that window. My monitor, and therefore all the porn I check out is fully visible to her.
  • My crumpler is sitting on a big box of bar code scanners that I am yet to take out to the customer service counters. They've only been there since July, so a few more weeks won't hurt.
  • The radio is set to Nova, but I'll often come back from days at other campuses to find it set to Country AM or talk radio.
  • I have a striped Blaq shirt that is a perfect match for the wall behind me. If I sit still long enough, I blend in.

So that's the office I spend so much time in. So fucking exciting isn't it? I've been tempted to crawl under the desk and have a nap a couple of times. I don't think anyone would notice.

Ohhh.... a fax is coming! Joy - I have something to do.


Andy Man said...

Typical government looking office I'd say.

Go get a real job man - digging ditches or something useful.

Kezza said...

Wow, that's one tidy looking office. Are you gay or something?

Gabriel said...

the lilac walls - blinding!

Ben said...

Andy - are you serious? Digging ditches would ruin my beautiful hands.

Kez - the desk is in a rather tidy state for me. I ususally get a weekly reminder from the boss to clean it up. I am not a tidy person.

Gabriel - there are some far worse colours in other rooms around the building. The burnt orange office is probably the most hideous.