Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ask and ye shall receive...

"Who the hell is this Joe Six Pack that Sarah Palin keeps drumming on about?" hundreds of you have been asking me. Well, only one of you really... but I like a challenge, so I put all my investigative journalism skills to find out the truth.

Of course, by investigative journalism skills I mean Google and beer. This is what I found;

Well, there's definitely a six pack, but is he the typical American voter? I see a tiny glimmer of intelligence in those eyes, so no.

Onwards I trolled;

This bathroom looks too European for my liking. Can't definitively call this one American either.

Google ho!

OK, this one could be an American voter. He's got the six pack going down, and he's stupid enough to wear his pants in the shower. But I'm not too sure he truly represents Palin's version of Joe Six Pack.

Hmmm... this search isn't getting me anywhere. Lets expand the parameters. If I search on "Typical American Voter" this is what I get;

Ah, now we're getting some where. Nice mullet and beat up truck, but there is still something lacking here.

Quick! To the Google mobile! STAT!

Now this is on the right on the money. Absolutely no hint of class in this fine gentleman, no hint of intelligence either. This has got to be Sarah Palin's ultimate American voter. Our long and often deadly search has finally come to an end.

But I can't leave you with that image burning into your retina. Here's one more good one to set you on your way;

Find more like him over at Rule the City.

PS - Apologies to any Americans that stumble across this post... I don't think you're all stupid - but you did elect George W. Twice.



phishez said...

My! What fun research that must have been?

Have you seen All Aussie Beef?

Ben said...

Have I seen All Aussie Beef? I scoff at your implied suggestion that I've not seen that site.

Josh said...

Awesome pics! Well, some of them anyway. :)

Kezza said...

My sickness, she is a cruel one... personally I'd take the mud rider any day of the week!

Ben said...

Josh - thanks... it was fun doing this post. Didn't have to think too hard

Kezza - I think the "mud" he wants to "ride" is more of a "two girls, one cup" type of mud