Friday, October 17, 2008

Who knew he was actually funny?

I'm not a fan of Red Symons at all. How can someone make a life long career out of being a cranky old cunt on TV? OK, I'll admit he was once famous for being in Sky Hooks (while dressed in drag), but in my lifetime, all he is is a hate filled ugly man on our TV's.

So when I found this video being credited to him on Joe.My.God I was quite surprised, as it's quite well done and made me chuckle;

Well done Red - or who ever did it for you.


Ms Smack said...

Ben, hello gorgeous.

Yes, this is very funny! I agree w./you. I used to love skyhooks growing up, and that included Red, more an appreciation for his talent, than his mouth!

Great find in this video and thanks for stopping my little blog, honey.


phishez said...

Who the fuck is Joe Six Pack, and can I lick him? He sounds hott!