Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sheer and sexy...

Fashion trends offend me. Simple really. They make me want to stab my eyes out. Like the supposed City Short phenomenon that supposed to be on our streets right about now - I'm sure Brisbane men would be beaten to a pulp at the train station if they went out dress like that.

And now to get you beaten up for sure, we have "Mantyhose". Yes that's right pantyhose for men. Take a look;

That is just G-A-Y. I don't know what sane man would go out in public actually wearing anything like that (though I do like the pattern on the first pic).

Do you want to look like a 80's throw back - a la Adam Ant? Do you want to look like your 80 year old grandfather who's just had surgery and needs support hose to prevent clotting? Do you like the feel of sheer ladies' hosiery against your skin but just aren't satisfied with the overly feminine colours and patterns? Then head over to E-Mancipate to view their catalogue and buy yourself a few pairs.

Or just go there for a laugh like I did.


Andy Man said...

Those second one's look like some thing Pippy Longstockings would wear.

They might be warm in winter (oh - did I really just say that?)

Jenny B said...

I don't wear pantyhose, so why would a man want to? I don't understand.