Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Who likes short shorts?

The hottest new summer fashion item for men, according to a news.com.au story is going to be the office short.

"The new-look city short has already been clocked on the men of London and New York this year and will be one of the latest looks at The Ultimate Men's Runway Show tonight. "

Apparently Justin Timberlake has included the look in his current line of fashion. Blargh.

Seriously folks, who the fuck would wear shorts with a business shirt and a jacket? It brings back memories of my high school science teacher who wore knee-high socks with his grey zip up hush puppies, a pair of grey shorts and a lemon polo shirt (yes Mr Michels, I'm talking about you).

You will look like a tool if you don this outfit - but I suppose if you have a nice set of calves and nice shapely quads to match you could possibly get away with it. I can imagine some very hairy pale flabby legs getting displayed in our offices. Not a nice thought.

I'm sure the pretentious little retail queens will be sporting this look over summer.


Kezza said...

I'll pass on this look, thanks all the same. Shorts are fine for casual wear, in fact I live in a pair over summer, but they just aren't made for office attire and even the hottest set of legs in the world won't change my opinion on that!

I want to know when the "office breifs" look will become acceptable... far more suitable than shorts!

Andy Man said...

It doesn't look professional at all. Just like they put on there shorts after they got home. Looks cheep.