Friday, October 10, 2008

It's like I've grown a third nipple over night

I have a pimple. It's big, bloody, painful pimple. Not on my face luckily, but on my chest, just below my heart.

So big infact, that when I was walking down to get my wonton soup for lunch I noticed that it is now visible under my business shirt. My nipples are always erect, and now it looks like I've grown a third one to join in all the fun.

It'll definitely be a "lights off" session tonight me thinks.


Simple Simon said...

Are you fucking serious? A hanky up the poop chute? I've never heard of it either - and I've heard of most things.

Sick bitch.

phishez said...

Could be much, much worse.

It could be in your crotchal area.