Thursday, October 30, 2008

I think some one is messing with my mind...

I'm not sleeping very well lately. Work is stressy, I'm having some money woes, and you know, the end of your relationship kind of messes with your head just a bit, so it makes it hard to get a good night's rest.

But when you add multiple cups of coffee into the mix, strange tablets designed to help you loose weight (a waste of money surely) and then two jugs of beer while playing trivia... well last night's sleep was all over the shop. I'm feeling hungover and all fuzzy, while I spent pretty much all night staring at the ceiling again.

Not a great feeling at all.

So, this morning when I got into work, feeling absolutely shagged, but without the benefits of actually getting some action, I noticed my office was different. Still two desks, the lovely purple wall, the fridge and microwave in the corner. No new furniture added, no extra walls errected over night (that does happen sometimes in this place). But the room feels smaller. Or more importantly, I feel much, much fatter.

It took me till the end of my second cup of coffee before it dawned on me... Every single piece of furniture has been moved out about ten centimetres from the wall. Only a subtle little change to the room dynamic, but in my current fuzzy state, it's just enough to make me feel extra-large and extremely ill-at-ease.

After scoping out some of the other offices on this floor, I've found it's only this room facilities have done it to, so why the hell are they fucking with me? Is it because I take fleet cars without signing for them? Is it because I complain about the state of the toilets all the time? Is it because I sneak into the site-managers office and steal all his gingernuts and scotch finger bikkies from his stash?

Who knows? Shit, I'd better put those car keys back before anyone notices I took the car again.


Andy Man said...

You sure you didn't do it yourself sleep walking?


Victor said...

relax...moving your furniture is better than putting faeces in your ice cream...

Kezza said...

At least you didn't come in and find everything glued to the ceiling, that'd spin the fuck out of you for sure!