Sunday, October 5, 2008

The camera phone never lies

So my last post was obviously written in a very drunk state. But how drunk? Let's take a look at the photographic evidence, shall we?

People's Exhibit A - Eight dollar Cascade Light's at the Arena - the cheapest drink available, and served warm. We did two rounds. I'm pretty sure I drank most of Kat's, and then took off because the support act was pretty horrible.

People's Exhibit B - Now at The Beat (after two rounds at the Wickham). A round of Tooheys New new before happy hour started. Then it was rum for Kat, and scotch for Benji. That was the strongest scotch I'd ever had. It pays to be nice to the bar staff.

People's Exhibit C - We'd gone back to the venue, but the band was still 45 mins away, so we went to the Elephant and Wheelbarrow, where pints were purchased. Not sure what variety of beer it was, but it was cheap and came in big glass.

People's Exhibit D - Ha ha ha, lets get a pic of me pretending to drink both pints at once. Unfunny posed pic.

People's Exhibit E - Benji sculling Kat's pint because she's soft and the band was about to come on.

There are also several shots of Kat looking rather trashed, and lots and lots of blurry shots of the band, people's heads and the floor.

The other incriminating evidence is all the drunken texts to Greg... but that's another story altogether.


Miles McClagan said...

At least you could get drunk, we piked out due to the lack of Hobart nightlife, and a preponderance of drunken Hobart Harlots in silvery dresses...

Ben said...

You could have always sat in the gutter and drunk room temperature passion pop Miles – it’s all the rage in Ipswich.